Get to know more about us and our Social Responsibility Policy


Competitive Base Salary

Our wage & salary policy is based on several concepts: competitive, motivating, timely and transparent. The principles used to determine the salary offered serve to recognize your contribution and stimulate your work. They offer opportunities for career motivational packages, depending on the results, the career progress, and the success of the company as a whole.

Performance & Development Planning

We are committed to giving our employees the opportunity to grow and realize their full potential. Alkaloid AD Skopje employees participate in a performance appraisal and evaluation, and in a development planning process. This enables employees to focus on clear and ambitious goals - to set directions and priorities, and to clarify expectations within the company.

Each employee's development plan supports their short-term development and long-term career aspirations and monitors their progress against specific goals throughout the year. We believe that the commitment to each employee, together with the career challenges package, pushes the boundaries of mutual success, so that together we can achieve higher goals.

Work/Life Balance

We understand that our employees have activities and responsibilities outside their workplace. Therefore our company, in addition to supporting the work of our employees, also supports their personal lives. This is why we maintain consistency with regard to the working hours, but we also expect employees to devote time and effort when required in certain circumstances for the success of the business.

We also offer the following: 

  • teamwork
  • motivating work environment; 
  • work place with state-of-the-art laboratories and production facilities; 
  • high health care standards; 
  • private health insurance for Alkaloid AD Skopje employees.