There are moments when the healthy human body triggers the most sincere thrill. We, in Alkaloid, permanently strive to protect and preserve this precious gift of the nature. With tireless passion we create products that are a synonym of top quality. We keep investing in our dream of healthier life of each individual as we believe that THE HEALTH IS ABOVE ALL.

Alkaloid AD Skopje is a company which more than eight and a half decades, has been operating in the field of manufacturing drugs, cosmetic and chemical products and processing botanical raw materials.

Alkaloid AD is a joint stock company that consists of two profit centers: Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals, Cosmetics and Botanicals; there are two subsidiaries in the country as well as 19 subsidiaries and 2 representative offices abroad (Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Ukraine, the Russian Federation, USA ,UK and Romania).

The company has 2,215 employees in the country and 695 employees in subsidiaries and representative offices abroad.

Alkaloid shares are owned by over 5,596 shareholders physical and legal entities.

Health above all


Employees in the country


Employees in subsidiaries abroad


Shareholders entities

Address of the CEO/MB President of Alkaloid AD Skopje

2022 was another year filled with many challenges: health, logistics, energy and economy uncertainties. The economic headlines contained pessimistic scenarios such as decrease in the industrial production in the region, rise of the unemployment rate, rise of the inflation rate, unstable raw material prices – which were just some of the highlights. Such challenging times, especially like these marked with multiple prefixes, require extraordinary vigilance and precautions employed in all levels of operational management.

Our mission

We continuously strive for a healthier world, superior quality of products and services, as well as high professionalism and continuous success. It is our highest priority to protect the interests of all stakeholders. Our basic commitment is to take care of health and quality of life of every person, the health care system and the environment. We are committed towards continuous improvement of human health that is reflected through our motto:


Our vision

Alkaloid, as a globally oriented company, strives to accomplish high goals and achievements, which will enable high competitiveness and market positioning. We are constantly open to building new markets and new partnerships, production and placement of superior quality products, applying the latest technologies and business standards.

Our values

"Alkaloid" AD Skopje, in performing its business operations, relies on the highest ethical norms and standards. We are convinced that ethical doing business is a prerequisite for constant personal and business success, and our key values are:

• People above all

• Integrity and honesty

• Creating the best outcomes together

• Value based leadership