On 29th March 2007, with great sorrow, we departed from our Management Board President, Trajce Mukaetov, the man who dedicated all his life, whole 34 years of his being to Alkaloid. The man who raised Alkaloid to a range of renowned pharmaceutical industry, Alkaloid as it is today. He was born on 20th September 1945. His career commenced after he graduated from the Electro-technical Faculty in Belgrade as B.S. Specialist in the organization of processes and informatics when he was assigned as the first director of the Macedonian State Office of Informatics. He continued his career in Alkaloid, where in 1974 he formed the Computer Centre of this Company, which was declared to be the leading computer centre in Macedonia, under his governance. As of 1985, Trajce Mukaetov performed the function of CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Alkaloid AD Skopje. This period is marked by the major investment cycle of the Company, as well as its ownership transformation within the system reforms of the state. Albeit the radical changes, Alkaloid remained one of the few companies in the state that managed to maintain the positive trend of growth and development and even improve the operation performances. As a great strategist and visionary, in 1996, he initiated the construction of the new pharmaceutical facilities, equipped with new automatic production lines and increased production capacity. During this period, Alkaloid's cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the International Finance Corporation was traced, then for the first time, a Macedonian company was granted a loan without an escrow given on behalf of the state. Intensification of growth, expansion, and development of Alkaloid into leading pharmaceutical company in the region is the benchmark of the managing mandate of Trajce Mukaetov. His contribution in the development and the affirmation of Alkaloid, defining of the business strategy and long-term policy of the Company continued from the position of President of the Management Board in the last year of his career. His charisma, visionariness, and immense efforts greatly contributed to the Macedonian economy. Trajce Mukaetov was awarded many acknowledgments for his achievements. He was a member of the managing boards of various eminent organizations in the healthcare sphere, the pharmacy, and sports. He was awarded Manager of the Republic of Macedonia in 1993 and Manager of the Decade for the period from the year 1985 to the year 1995. His biography according to all criteria was undoubtedly the main reason for the granting of the title Consul General for the Kingdom of Denmark in Macedonia, honor, and trust given only to extraordinary persons. In the sphere of diplomacy, he invested great efforts for intensification of the cooperation between Macedonia and the Kingdom of Denmark. His merits in this sphere were awarded the medal Knight of the Order of the Danish Flag, granted by the Queen Margarethe II of Denmark for exceptional achievements. For the employees of Alkaloid, he was an example of sacrifice, diligence, and honesty and shall remain in remembrance as a man of high professionalism and preparedness for immense support for his colleagues and all employees of Alkaloid. Trajce Mukaetov dearly loved his country, Alkaloid, and his family. It was our immense pleasure and great honor to have been his collaborators.